Diary of Meetings

Diary of Meetings

Rivenhall Parish Council publishes it’s Diary of Meetings for the whole year, everyone is welcome to attend meetings and make representations to the Council.

Rivenhall Parish Council meetings are held at Rivenhall Village Hall in Rivenhall Village, and at Henry Dixon Hall in Rivenhall End.





 3rd May APCM (VH) 6th May APA (HDH)

7th June (HDH) 5th July (VH)

2nd August (VH) 6th September (HDH)

4th October (VH) 1st November (VH)

6th December (HDH)

16th December (VH) Annual Precept Meeting


2023 (Provisional)

 3rd January (VH) 7th February (VH)

7th March (HDH) 4th April (VH)

9th May APCM (VH) 12th May APA (HDH)

6th June (HDH) 4th July (VH)

1st August (VH) 5th September (HDH)

3rd October (VH) 7th November (VH)

5th December (HDH)

15th December (HDH) Annual Precept meeting


(APCM) denotes Annual Parish Council Meeting

APA denotes Annual Parish Meeting

(VH) denotes Rivenhall Village Hall

(HDH) denotes The Henry Dixon Hall, Rivenhall End



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