Flooding Responsibilities & Emergency Contact Details


Who is responsible for what?

  • The owner of a property is responsible for protecting their own property against flooding. If you are a tenant, it will be your landlord who has this responsibility.
  • The Environment Agency is responsible for flooding from rivers.
  • Essex County Council Highways Department has the responsibility to ensure that the roads in the District are kept free from flood water as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Braintree District Council MAY be able to offer advice regarding localised flooding from ditches, pipes and culverts.
  • Essex County Council can take legal action against landowners to resolve flooding issues, where legal intervention is required.

Local councils do not have a legal obligation to store and provide the public with sandbags. If your property is susceptible to flooding, you should be prepared to protect your property using a variety of flood protection products. Advice and guidance on many types of flood protection products can be found at National Flood Forum

In a flood situation the emergency services, local authorities and utility services will try to help where they can, but ultimately the responsibility to protect a property against flooding lies with the owner.

Emergency Contacts:

Environment Agency: 08708 506 506

Contact the agency if the floodwater is derived from a river.

Essex Fire & Rescue: 999

If you feel your property or your life is at imminent risk from floodwater.

Essex County Council Highways: 0845 603 7631

If flood water is emanating from a blocked road gully or from surface water run-off from a road or a field.

Essex County Council Flood and Water Management: 01245 433 181

To report a flooding incident (when it’s safe to do so).

Anglian Water: 08457 145 145

Flood water surcharging from a manhole.

Essex Police: 101

A flooded road that requires an emergency road closure

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